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Peru Lima North Mission

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CCM Week 2

So I have to stop playing volleyball… I totally whacked up my finger and it´s swollen twice its size and now it’s all black and blue. I just start cracking up every time I look at it because its so ridiculous.

What a great week! We get to go to the temple on pdays and its is the best thing ever! The Lima temple is so beautiful! The spirit is strong in Spanish too 🙂

All of the latinos and avanzados left, and so we got 9 new missionaries this week! It´s so wonderful to be an intermedio now… We´re the cool ones on campus now! It was so weird a couple of days ago when all of the people in our language level went to interpol and migraciones, and it was just us and maybe 20 other missionaries at the whole MTC. I love how small it is because you get to know everyone there and you become like a little big family!! And now we have a whole new group of people to torture with the impossible color wheel game! (It´s an elder initiation thing. They wouldn’t tell me the secret until like two days ago.) They are sort of like that black magic game.. where you have to guess the rule. The Elders thinks it’s hilarious. It´s not. But it´s kind of tradition, so we all play along.

Hna Baker and I are getting better at teaching together! She has this amazingly strong testimony in our lessons that always brings the spirit.

I´m learning so much everyday. The biggest thing this week for me has been learning pacience. I have so much to learn about pacience, that I didn´t even know I had the problem with! The Lord is truly shaping me and humbling me. It´s the best!

Elder Evans (member of the Seventy over all the missionaries in the whole world) came and gave a devotional last week about repentance! I was truly uplifted and inspired through the whole talk. I wish I wrote down the scriptures before I came to email, but study Mosiah chapters 2-4 to really learn how to repent, what happens to us when we repent, and what we feel when we know we´ve been forgiven.

This week I was studying 2 Nephi 2 for an investigator, and I was just overcome with the spirit. God lives. Our lives are hard, because now is the time to prepare to meet God. Our lives weren´t supposed to be easy. We must pass through sorrow to know the good. God sent His Son to suffer all things an d it is through HIs love that we find peace and a way through our struggles. Our lives are hard, but that doesn´t mean that God doesn´t love us. His love is His sacrifice for all of us. We have the choice to follow him and feel of that changing and healing grace in our lives. I have felt so much of that through my decisions this week. I have felt His love run through me as a purifying agent as I was cleansed and forgiven of my sins. I have felt his forgiveness this week in ways that I didn´t quite understand before. There is no better feeling than to know that God loves you, He forgives you when you repent, and that closeness you feel to Him after you do. If you have anything you are struggling with, turn to God right now. He already knows what you are going to. Make the choice to turn to Him and let Him help you through it. I promise that He will and that only good things come from it. Only good things come from God.

The food here is good… so much rice and beans and meat. We get dessert with every meal and they are ok. I´ve heard the food gets better after the MTC so I have that to look forward to! The weather is so beautiful. Always overcast and it makes the Andes look awesome. I have fallen in love with the city of Lima. Missions are the best!!

Pray daily!

Hermana Evans

p.s. my p-days are changing to Wednesdays next week.


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Hola todos!!!

We don’t have very much time to email, so if you don’t get a reply from me today, I love you anyways!! I will do my best!

How to describe the CCM… picture like EFY mixed with an asylum. We’re all crammed in here in this tiny area and we were going crazy waiting to see the city!! There are only three small buildings- one for rooms/classes, one for administration, and one for chapel and the cafeteria. I wish we were allowed to send pics but we’re not. But it is so amazing. I don’t know where to start. There are about 100 missionaries here. All of us from North America can fit in a small Relief Society room. There are sooo many Latinos!! They are my FAVORITE. We don’t know what they are saying most of the time, and vice versa when we try to speak Spanish, but it just goes to show you that you don’t even really need to the language to communicate. Our teachers are all Latinos and they speak Spanish todo el tiempo, and we are expected to speak Spanish all of the time. It’s hard sometimes, but it is so fun! The language is coming along great! Most is review ahora, but I can work ahead in the computer program and everything is coming along muy bueno.

Quick story about tender mercies: so I was playing volleyball on one of our physical activities, and me and Elder Turnblom (and elder from me districto) totally collided and my ankle got really messed up. I don’t really know what happened to it, all I know is that I had never felt pain like that before and I couldn’t walk on it and there were tears and it was bad. I was going to try to walk it off throughout the day, but I just couldn’t so I asked Elder Schaeffer and Elder Cowger from my districto to give me a blessing. Elder Cowger had never given a blessing before and I swear it was the most perfect blessing I had ever received. I thought he was reading it from a card or something. He said everything I needed to hear and I felt comfort and the next day I could walk again! The day after that I felt no pain!! The church is true!

My compañera is Hermana Baker from Lehi, Utah. She is way cool and we are such a good match for a companionship! My roommates are Hermana Eliason from Utah and Hermana Fostia from NEW ZEALAND. Ahhhh I love them so much! I couldn’t ask for any better people to spend these next six weeks with. We laugh and have fun and help each other out with our different strengths and it is perfecto.

There are 8 people in our district, so we all get to know each other pretty well. It’s constant fun with all of them. We pretty much all spend the day together and they are soo cool. Rememeber Elder Mallon from the airport? He is in there too. All of us except Elder Turnblom are going to Lima North mission!!! I can’t wait to see them throughout the next two years!!

All of the other missionaries are cool too. Cause there are so few of us, we get to know everyone in the MTC. Missionaries are my favorite people, for real!

We taught our first investigators this week. Yadira and Mattias (played by our teachers Hermana Chacón and Hermano Valasquez, based on their first converts in their missions) Our first lesson was pretty awkward, mostly cause it was in Spanish, but the second (with the same investigator) was soooo good! Our teacher said that she could really feel the spirit and that we made her feel good, that we taught the concepts really clearly, and that she really understood the importance of our concepts and all this stuff. I know we have a lot to work on, but it so good to know that we can still have a really good lesson even when we don’t speak the language perfectamente.

When we got here, they said that we wouldn’t have fun at the MTC, but that we would enjoy it, which is weird since I’m having so much fun!!! I’m so happy! The spirit is always here and I don’t think things could be any better!!

Love you all talk to you next week!!

Hermana Evans

p.s. Elder Evans from the 70 is going to be here on Sunday, and I’m accompanying the piece the choir is singing!! I’m so excited – it’s a beautiful arrangement of I Need Thee Every Hour!! It’s going to be soo amazing, I wish you all could see it!