Hermana Evans

Peru Lima North Mission

CCM Week 3

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Sooo I don’t feel like much happened this week. So it will be a really short email. Life is still good here in Peru!! I’m learning so much! I am almost done with the Book of Mormon, since I started again when we got here. It´s truly an amazing book. If you haven’t read it recently, read it!!! It will answer all of your questions and give you clear guidance in your life.

I’m learning a ton of New Zealand lingo! Hna Fosit is the greatest person ever. Everything is dodgy to her. I love all my roommates! My district is the best! We get along so well… like I’m pretty sure we were all BFFs in the pre-mortal life. We can´t get through a prayer or a hymn without laughing.

They feed us so much here. So much rice and meat and potatoes. And we don’t have the option of eating less, so the Lord really blesses me every meal with enough room in my stomach to eat everything that I’m given.

By the way, who told me to look out for Elder Rogers from Highland? He´s here in the MTC!

I can’t wait to get out on the field. Our teachers said that next week we will have an opportunity to go outside and begin proselyting a little bit. It kind of freaks me out but I am so excited!

Also, I forgot to say last week that we had an earthquake here! It was pretty crazy.. I didn’t know what it was at first!! And now all the big photos in our comedor are crooked and it’s kind of messing with all of us.

Elder Oaks´s devotional was so good! He compared us missionaries to pens. Pens are good to us when the are in good condition, are filled with ink, and write the message of the Master. We don’t want pens that would say things like¨ <I don’t feel like it today> or <It’s my p-day so I don’t have to work> or <I’m tired>. Us, like pens need to keep ourselves healthy, be filled with the spirit and testimony and knowledge of his doctrine, and be ready to give His message according to His will, timetable, and way. Food for thought!

That´s all for now! Pray always!
Hna Evans


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