Hermana Evans

Peru Lima North Mission

CCM Week 4

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The weeks are just flying by! I cant believe only one more p-day until Christmas!  Family – make sure you know how to work Skype and Google hangout cause I don’t know how they are going to want to do it yet so just be prepared for anything.

I gave out my first Book of Mormon today! The four hermanas in our district went to metros (kind of like a grocery store) to get some money from they ATM and these three girls came up to us and asked us where we were from. They loved our eyes they said. We talked to them for a really long time about why we were in Peru and we got to know them and asked them if they were interested in having missionaries come to their house and stuff. Then we gave them a Book of Mormon and it was amazing! I was so used to all these fake investigators that we’ve been practicing with that I kept thinking that they were just testing us. They seemed too eager and too excited about it. Haha.  We got their names and told them go go online too so hopefully they will follow up on that! They needed to ask their parents for anything else, but at least they have the book now!! It was so amazing! I cant wait to get out there!

We have two pets! They district in the room before us had a pet named Juanito (a dead beetle pinned to the wall) Then two nights ago a bee flew in our room and Elder Schaeffer killed it and pinned it next to Juanito. We named him Shirfee because that´s how our teacher pronounces Elder Schaeffer´s last name.

Teaching is going a lot better! The Spanish is really coming along! The spirit is so important! Always be worthy to have it. Remember Mosiah 4:30 – always watch your thoughts words and your deeds. Make sure that they are not only clean and pure, but that they are kind and uplifting. Don’t be afraid to be “too” good or innocent or to choose the right. It’s a lot easier to maintain righteousness and innocence than it is to restore it. Life is easier when you always do those good things that keep you close to God. Don’t get caught up in the ways of the world, no matter how reasonable or good the justification might be.

Oh! Google Granadillas. They are my favorite fruit ever. I would eat 3 or 4 every meal if I had the choice. It was super freaky to eat the first time, but they are amazing.

Missions are the best. I hear this quote from the first week “If your mission is easy, then your life is hard. If your mission is hard, your life is easy” so I’ve been praying for a hard mission. I may regret that later 🙂

This past Thanksgiving was wonderful. They made a Thanksgiving lunch for us which was good but the devotional from Elder Bednar was even better! PLEASE try to find it online and watch it because i learned so much!! It really strengthened my testimony of prophets too. They are not perfect people, and often times have really strong opinions or viewpoints. It is only through revelation that all these imperfect men can guide our church. I know that the Lord truly reveals His gospel unto His servants the prophets.

That’s all for now! Love you all!

Hermana Evans


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