Hermana Evans

Peru Lima North Mission

CCM Week 5

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Hola todos!

I don´t really know what happened this week.  It just flew by! We had couple of Christmas devotionals which were pretty great and we got to watch the one from Salt Lake which was really special and it reminded me of home!

We had an area 70 come give a devotional on Monday for our lighting ceremony. It was really neat. They put Christmas lights all around the CCM and turned them all on for a grande Peruvian fiesta. I got to accompany the choir again and we sang a beautiful arrangement of Silent Night (it reminded me of Stille Nacht from orchestra). The devotional was in Spanish, and even though I only understood about 70% of it, it was one of the best talks I have ever heard. Hearing it in Spanish allowed me to think more deeply about it and try to come up with other ways to apply it in my life. I learned so much!

The whole CCM got pretty sick this week. I think it was some mystery meat. We´ve grown really close as a district through our trials. haha

Still learning lots of Spanish.  Learning even more about the gospel! Send me your favorite talks!

Pray always! Read Moroni 10:32 Next week in Lima Norte!!

Hermana Evans


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