Hermana Evans

Peru Lima North Mission

Week 7

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So this week was pretty awesome. Feliz Navidad to all! We spent Christmas Eve with the whole mission (all 240 missionaries) in the capilla (chapel) of the mission offices. We played games, had a BBQ, and watched Remember the Titans!!! Fue bacan!!!! (How cool!!!)  That night we had to be in at 9 en punto (9:00), and at midnight we were woken up by fireworks!!  It’s just like how Gloria says in Modern Family, the whole sky was white and exploding all night!! We went up to our roof to watch and how amazing it was!! I had never seen anything like it before.

That night I had a wonderful experience with a borrachito (a drunk person). He was menos activo (less active), and kept telling us that he didn’t want to hear any message, and he began to tell us his three reasons why he doesn’t believe in God. I didn’t understand most of it because it was extremely slurred Spanish, but basically he didn’t feel worthy of God’s love and didn’t believe that God loved him at all. He felt forsaken by him, because of the trials he had in his life. It reminded me of why I came to serve a mission, because I love Christ and I want others to come to know their Savior. There lies true happiness in this life. It was a good reminder for me because the first week was really hard and stressful, so it was a great experience.

We had a miracle this Sunday!! So many of our investigators came to church! There was this one that we weren’t able to talk to all week, and we’ve only had one or two lessons with him, but he showed up and me and my companion were like whoa! That was cool. Also there was an hermana (sister) who just showed up with her hermano (brother), and we got to teach her a lesson that afternoon and got to know her a bit. She has been prepared to hear the gospel so much. She accepted a baptismal date for the 24(th) and we are so excited!!

Pray always everyone! God hears your prayers!!

Hermana Evans

I found my cousin!!!! He’s super cool haha:


Me and my comp on Christmas Eve:


Our breakfast this morning with the sister leaders and our district leader. Mashed platanos and meat rolled up into a ball… muy rico (very rich).


My district in a ward activity:


The CCM 310:



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