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Peru Lima North Mission

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Week 11

So this week was pretty rough. It was like everyone decided it was “lie to the missionaries” week. Nobody read the Book of Mormon and they all said they did and prayed and everything but nope! It’s cool being a missionary and receiving revelation for the people we are teaching, that we can discern them and tell when they actually fulfilled commitments, but not cool when the revelation is that they all have been lying. It has been a trying week for me and my companion but we are still working hard on finding new investigators!

Ghyanivon got baptized this week!  She is our golden investigator! Literally she just showed up at church one week and felt the spirit and knew the church was true. It has been the easiest thing, cause all she needed was a little more knowledge of the commandments and she was ready!! She will make a great spouse- that’s our next project – is to find her equal in male form.

Cambios (transfers) are this week. We’re waiting anxiously to know if my comp will be transferred, which is really likely. Then I’ll have to show my area around to a new comp! That’s kind of scary but I’m excited for these next six weeks. Lots of things are happening here!

Hermana Evans

Ghyanivon and beer ice cream.  Yeah that exists.

11 - Ghyanivon - Golden Investigator

11 - Beer ice cream


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Week 10

Hola todos!! This week was super great!!

We had work visits (I think that’s what is is in English) with the sister trainers this week which was super great. I was with Hna Ritchie from Oklahoma so it was super weird to be walking around with another gringo. She is lo maximo (best). I learned a lot about how to contact with love and let me tell you it is the secret to having new investigators that are families!! I learned much from ella (her). It was weird when I assisted her barrio because there were people that I already knew there! This is normal in the states, but in Peru I never imagined that that would happen. It was way cool. A little nino asked me. “why are you so white? Do you walk in the shade?” And I swear I about died. It was hilarious. One thing that I’ve discovered about myself is that I have the Davis curse. No matter how much walking around in the sun that we do, I have not gotten any darker. Forever gringa.

This week we had a lesson that I hope I never forget. We were teaching a menos activo (less active) member and her husband. She has been reading and praying and all, but hasn’t attended church in a long time. Her husband kept saying things like “Nobody is perfect, and everyone will always have one thing that they will be hard for them to do” as an excuse for not attending church. Oh man, les quemaron. (Sorry, I don’t know that in English) We taught very strongly the evangelio (gospel) de Jesus Cristo that yeah all of us are sinners, and we will not be perfect in this life, but we need to always be repent and through Christ, we can be cleansed from all of our sins. We literally did what it says numerous times in the scriptures, to call people to repentance. It was such a powerful experience and the spirit just flowed through us and you could feel it in the air. We experienced how the spirit of God is like a fire that is burning. I really sympathize with Alma, “Oh that I were an angel and could have the wish of my heart and declare repentance unto every people . Yea, I would declare unto every soul as with he voice of thunder repentance and the plan of redemption that they should repent and come unto our God, that there might not be any more sorrow upon all the face of the earth. ”

This is my joy as a missionary, to have the authority to declare repentance and to see people lives change through Christ. There will be no sorrow on the face of the Earth if people repent and anchor themselves in Christ. Turn away from sin and turn to prayer, the scriptures, the church, and repent off all your sins and you will know Christ and the joy that comes through true repentance and through true forgiveness. Never forget the words that Christ said, “Whosoever will come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross, and follow me. For whosoever will save his life shall lose it. But whosoever shall lose his life for my sake and for the gospel`s, the same shall find it.” Don’t be afraid to sacrifice a little bit of yourself, a little bit of pride and a habit, and be filled with charity, and you will be filled with peace and joy in this life as will as the next.

Hermana Evans

I finally found churros!

10 - Churro

Our service project that turned into a paint guerra (war).

10 - Service Project Paint WarAnticucho and tripre (I think that’s how you spell them… cow heart and intestine!! Ricismiso!!!)
10 - Anticucho & Tripe (cow heart and insestine)Hermana Ritchie during the intercambios (exchanges)

10 - Hermana Ritchie

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Week 9

This week was good!! I had my first official baptism!! Hermano Marco has been preparing for baptism for months and keeps having problems with the Palabra de Sabiduria (Word of Wisdom). Their anterior (previous) hermanas kept dropping his date and for a while he was really desanimado (discouraged) and didn’t want baptism, or didn’t think he could overcome the temptations of alcohol. But we’ve been working a ton with him and his wife who is a recent convert and made some real progress!! He is reading the Libro de Mormon religiously (literally) and has had some really hard struggles with the family and has demonstrated a lot of faith to be where he is right now. His whole family is so blessed to have the gospel in their home. They have a little 6 year old, Brittany, who basically worships me (thanks, genetics) who asks for prayers of the knees every visit. She always asks that God will “bless the elders and the elderas” haha and the other day she brought out the Bible and was like “mira, la ley de casticad!!” (ley de castidad.. law of chastity) ahh the mission is the best!! I love bearing my testimony of the Book of Mormon because I know it is a true book and that I have come to know my Savior more through the book and the teachings are so clearly written that there is no doubt of how we can receive salvation. (2 Nephi 25:26.)

Read the scriptures!! Especially the Book of Mormon because they testify of Christ! They will bring a power in your life that you would not even believe!!

Hermana Evans

9 - Lima North

First Baptism!

First Baptism!

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Week 8

Another great week!

Wow so I had a whole thing typed out and then it got erased.  Haha  Sorry this will be really sporadic.

This week was good, but so hard! We had to drop two baptism dates for this month but we are working so hard to get them back!!! The Lord is really heping me this week with so many things. He has really opened my heart.

We have this GOLDEN investigator right now. She just showed up at church and we started teaching her! she came with a testimony and all we had to do was give her the words and the knowledge of the things she already knew were true. She’s getting baptized on the 24th and we are so excited!

The food is soo good. They cook everything with lime juice and it’s amazing. I wish we could eat ceviche cause it smells so good every time we walk past it. Family go to Tumi and try some for me and tell me how it is!!

We’re going to have a carnival today (water balloon fight) today which should be fun. None of my pics loaded today sorry going to make it up to you guys net week! Read the scriptures!! They`re amazing!!

Hermana Evans