Hermana Evans

Peru Lima North Mission

Week 8

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Another great week!

Wow so I had a whole thing typed out and then it got erased.  Haha  Sorry this will be really sporadic.

This week was good, but so hard! We had to drop two baptism dates for this month but we are working so hard to get them back!!! The Lord is really heping me this week with so many things. He has really opened my heart.

We have this GOLDEN investigator right now. She just showed up at church and we started teaching her! she came with a testimony and all we had to do was give her the words and the knowledge of the things she already knew were true. She’s getting baptized on the 24th and we are so excited!

The food is soo good. They cook everything with lime juice and it’s amazing. I wish we could eat ceviche cause it smells so good every time we walk past it. Family go to Tumi and try some for me and tell me how it is!!

We’re going to have a carnival today (water balloon fight) today which should be fun. None of my pics loaded today sorry going to make it up to you guys net week! Read the scriptures!! They`re amazing!!

Hermana Evans


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