Hermana Evans

Peru Lima North Mission

Week 11

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So this week was pretty rough. It was like everyone decided it was “lie to the missionaries” week. Nobody read the Book of Mormon and they all said they did and prayed and everything but nope! It’s cool being a missionary and receiving revelation for the people we are teaching, that we can discern them and tell when they actually fulfilled commitments, but not cool when the revelation is that they all have been lying. It has been a trying week for me and my companion but we are still working hard on finding new investigators!

Ghyanivon got baptized this week!  She is our golden investigator! Literally she just showed up at church one week and felt the spirit and knew the church was true. It has been the easiest thing, cause all she needed was a little more knowledge of the commandments and she was ready!! She will make a great spouse- that’s our next project – is to find her equal in male form.

Cambios (transfers) are this week. We’re waiting anxiously to know if my comp will be transferred, which is really likely. Then I’ll have to show my area around to a new comp! That’s kind of scary but I’m excited for these next six weeks. Lots of things are happening here!

Hermana Evans

Ghyanivon and beer ice cream.  Yeah that exists.

11 - Ghyanivon - Golden Investigator

11 - Beer ice cream


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