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Week 15

So this week was so great!!! Me and my comp have had some really good experiences this week when we have recognized the Lord´s hand in the work. There was this one experience where this week we were searching menos activos {less actives} in one part of our area. Our ward has 800 members on the list, but only about 200 attend every week. As we’ve been tracking them down we’ve discovered that most of them have moved or passed away. The saddest part is when we find people who say that they were baptized because it was cool at the time to do.To be baptized as a Mormon. This makes us so sad to see so many of God’s children make such sacred covenants and not understand at the moment of their baptism. Missionary work has changed a lot over the years and with the way we teach now, we are being so careful to baptize true converts,who meet all the requirements in D&C 20:37 and really show they are willing to serve the Lord until the end of their days. Then after their baptism, we work with them constantly to make sure they are continuing developing their testimony.

We had one experience this week as we were searching a menos activo {less active}. Also this week we have been searching old investigators to see the seeds that other missionaries have planted and to see what has become of those people.  Just this day we were searching {for} a menos activo {less active} and when we got to the house, we were talking to the hermana {sister}, and when she told us her name, we realized that she was an old investigator. I literally had her informe de progresso {progress report} in my hand. Her son was a member, but moved about 6 years ago. It was so cool to find her and talk to her husband, who the previous missionaries never met.  We´re excited to see her progression because sometimes we plant many seeds as missionaries, but the circumstances aren’t right for the seed to grow. Sometimes it takes struggles or a trial for someone to be humble enough or to have the desire to grow closer to God. We see this over and over in the Book of Mormon when sadly it takes a war or famine or pestilence for people to realize how much they need God in their life.  We see this over and over again in the mission and it’s so cool.

Read the Book of Mormon!  It was written for you and it will change your life! I just finished reading it in Spanish and how amazing it is!!

Hermana Evans

Wish my computer worked so I can send pictures bakanasos {no idea}!!! Be prepared next week! (I hope)


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Week 14

Not much happened to be honest, except that this week was a thousand times better than the week before! Me and my comp fasted to have more charity and pacience (patience) and it’s helped a lot and we are more united and have had a lot more animos (encouragement) to continue on.

Just letting you know that I`m safe and all is well physically and emotionally and I am going to miss my companion a lot this cambio (transfer) in March. We had an experience this week where we finished our daily planning session before bedtime and we both kind of looked at each other and felt like our area will be closed this cambio (transfer). Despite all the work we are doing and how we complete our goals, and despite how much we try to be completely obedient, we haven’t been having much success with progressing investigators from our propia cuenta (own account?). But don’t worry, we will still be working durazo (hard) because we don’t know if it will be closed or not.

My district leader is training a newbie and sometimes I try to talk in English with him and its just awful. I always wind up speaking in Spanish or I will pronounce things like a native speaker and I’m just like “what just happened?”
It’s loco.

Hermana Evans

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Week 13

This week was one that I hope I remember for the rest of my life. It was definitely one of the most trying weeks we’ve had so far. There was never so much rejection, never so little progression, and at the same time it was one of our most successful weeks. We had meetings Tuesday and Friday morning, Lima Central Wednesday morning for marriage papers, and Migraciones (immigration) Thursday that lasted until 5:00 pm so my companion was in a different area casi todo el dia (almost all the day), and our weekly planning session on Saturday. We literally couldn’t get any work done in the mornings and could only teach starting at 3 or 4 pm every day. It was full of trials, like when Hermana Luis´s (her companion’s) mom showed up out of the blue with her little brother and we put on serious trunkies (homesickness). That was hard.

But I learned a lot this week about the atonement. My zone leaders reminded us of the scripture in D&C 122, that says that every bad thing that happens to us is for our good, but more importantly, that Christ descended below them all. Are we greater than Him? Behold, hold on thy way, and fear not what man can do for God will be with you forever.  This scripture really helped me, and gave me animo (excitement) to keep going, regardless of what what we meet along the way. Because before the people reject me, they are rejecting the Savior and he never gave up. When Christ visited the Americas, after he gave his discurso (speech/talk), he looked around the multitude and saw that they didn’t understand him. He is the perfect teacher, the perfect missionary, and people still didn’t understand. And what did he tell them? Go to your homes, mediate on the things that I have said, and then pray to God about these things. These are the exact things that we tell every person here on the mission. First, read the Book of Mormon, mediate on the things that in them are, and then ask God if they are true. This is true conversion, and it’s all personal. It was a great thing for me to learn and now we are working on improving our commitments and verification.

This week we fasted for a family that we are teaching because they are having lots of problems and are at the point of separation, and we’ve been trying to work with them to get married so they can get baptized. Just this week, she found out that she is pregnant! The Lord works in mysterious ways and it was truly amazing to see how this new baby is going to help their family get together again. It helped build my faith, and my invitation to you all is that if you need help with anything, fast. Its such a wonderful tool to receive special blessings from God and it is a serious faith builder.

Regardless of how many trials we saw this week, we saw much success. It was the first week in the mission that we reached 102 successful contacts and we taught 40 complete lessons (most of which were in their homes and not out on the street). Our mission commandment is that we contact 100 people and teach 32 lessons a week. We haven’t been too good the contact part, but we worked durisimo (very hard) this week, and at the end of all of it, we became better missionaries with a better understanding of the atonement and stronger disciples of Christ. We feel really good about this week and the mission is seriously the best! It’s hard, but we learn so much and I promise that there is no better joy than to see someone come to know more their Savior and his gospel.

That’s all this week!

Hermana Evans

1.  Juane- food from the Selva (jungle) :)))) Basically a type of amazing rice and chicken and vegetables wrapped in a platano leaf: I seriously don’t know how they make rice taste so amazing in so many different ways. I want to go to the selva so bad. I really think I might live there someday.

2.  When me and my comp escaped to Plaza Norte on Pday…

13 - Jungle Food 13 - Plaza Norte

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Week 12

Family:  Thank you so much for the packet this week!! It made my week so great! Elder Underwood (My ZL from Tucson) was very jealous haha. Don’t worry, I shared the chocolate with him and my district. Oh man I’m learning so much! Now that I am learning the lessons and almost have them memorized, the Lord is showing me more doctrine profound in my studies. Our progression of learning truly is line upon line and precept upon precept. I love seeing this progression in our recent converts too. Now that we go back and reteach the lessons, we get to talk about cooler and cooler stuff with them and it’s just amazing to see how the Lord works in conversion through the Book of Mormon. Dad, if you thought our talks were pretty cool before the mission, just wait until I get home! There is so much I want to talk about of the things I have learned so far. There is a brother in our ward who loves to talk about this stuff with us and when we eat with them he always shares something cool about the creation, or the tribes of Israel, or like this week we studied the stick of Joseph and the stick of Judah.

This week I was able to go to Lima Central to fill out some marriage papers with my companion. {They had to fill out papers in the Municipal de Lima so that some investigators can get baptized. Only Peruvians can submit a claim and so the elders needed her comp to go.}  It reminded me of London. We road the metro which was just like the tube and there was a part of Lima that was kind of like Bath, and a huge round about like in Paris, buuuutt that was about it. Not too exciting. Fun to get out of San Juan Lurigancho for the morning though!

We had an amazing capacitacion (training) with Presidente in our zone. He taught us 1. That success needs three things – hunger for the work, hunger for baptisms and hunger for the salvation of souls. 2. Our stewardship. We have a huge focus on menos activos (less actives) and conversos recientes (recent converts) here because there are so many members that don’t come to church. We can prevent this by working closely and reteaching everything and more to our recent converts for a year after their baptism and me and my companion spent hours this week literally going down the list of members in our ward and finding out where they all went.  Most moved, but we found a couple that we are going to teach this week! Presidente promised us that when we search more menos activos we will have more baptisms, and I don’t know exactly how that works, because the Lord works in mysterious ways, but we have definitely found that to be true. We added two more fechas (dates) to our list this day when we searched out all those menos activos. and 3. Obediencia. This is key to the mission. We can’t complain about any lack of success when we aren’t cumpliendo (compliance) with the things we are asked to do. There is always room for improvement in this area 🙂

This work is so great and the Book of Mormon is so true! I’m learning a lot just how important it is every day! When people start reading the Book of Mormon, we see true conversion. IT has a special power to convert people to the Lord and do the truth that we have prophets today that speak to us. There have always been prophets and that will never change, because God is an unchangeable God. Just like how the revelation of Noah to build an arc wouldn’t help the people of Moses, we need prophets to guide us today in a world of changing values. It is truly a grand show of love from our Heavenly Father that we have a prophet today that helps us with the problems of our day. The Book of Mormon is key to having a testimony of this. That we have the fullness of the gospel on the earth today, through prophets. Read the Book of Mormon! It changed my life and it changes my life every day!

Hermana Evans

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