Hermana Evans

Peru Lima North Mission

Week 12

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Family:  Thank you so much for the packet this week!! It made my week so great! Elder Underwood (My ZL from Tucson) was very jealous haha. Don’t worry, I shared the chocolate with him and my district. Oh man I’m learning so much! Now that I am learning the lessons and almost have them memorized, the Lord is showing me more doctrine profound in my studies. Our progression of learning truly is line upon line and precept upon precept. I love seeing this progression in our recent converts too. Now that we go back and reteach the lessons, we get to talk about cooler and cooler stuff with them and it’s just amazing to see how the Lord works in conversion through the Book of Mormon. Dad, if you thought our talks were pretty cool before the mission, just wait until I get home! There is so much I want to talk about of the things I have learned so far. There is a brother in our ward who loves to talk about this stuff with us and when we eat with them he always shares something cool about the creation, or the tribes of Israel, or like this week we studied the stick of Joseph and the stick of Judah.

This week I was able to go to Lima Central to fill out some marriage papers with my companion. {They had to fill out papers in the Municipal de Lima so that some investigators can get baptized. Only Peruvians can submit a claim and so the elders needed her comp to go.}  It reminded me of London. We road the metro which was just like the tube and there was a part of Lima that was kind of like Bath, and a huge round about like in Paris, buuuutt that was about it. Not too exciting. Fun to get out of San Juan Lurigancho for the morning though!

We had an amazing capacitacion (training) with Presidente in our zone. He taught us 1. That success needs three things – hunger for the work, hunger for baptisms and hunger for the salvation of souls. 2. Our stewardship. We have a huge focus on menos activos (less actives) and conversos recientes (recent converts) here because there are so many members that don’t come to church. We can prevent this by working closely and reteaching everything and more to our recent converts for a year after their baptism and me and my companion spent hours this week literally going down the list of members in our ward and finding out where they all went.  Most moved, but we found a couple that we are going to teach this week! Presidente promised us that when we search more menos activos we will have more baptisms, and I don’t know exactly how that works, because the Lord works in mysterious ways, but we have definitely found that to be true. We added two more fechas (dates) to our list this day when we searched out all those menos activos. and 3. Obediencia. This is key to the mission. We can’t complain about any lack of success when we aren’t cumpliendo (compliance) with the things we are asked to do. There is always room for improvement in this area 🙂

This work is so great and the Book of Mormon is so true! I’m learning a lot just how important it is every day! When people start reading the Book of Mormon, we see true conversion. IT has a special power to convert people to the Lord and do the truth that we have prophets today that speak to us. There have always been prophets and that will never change, because God is an unchangeable God. Just like how the revelation of Noah to build an arc wouldn’t help the people of Moses, we need prophets to guide us today in a world of changing values. It is truly a grand show of love from our Heavenly Father that we have a prophet today that helps us with the problems of our day. The Book of Mormon is key to having a testimony of this. That we have the fullness of the gospel on the earth today, through prophets. Read the Book of Mormon! It changed my life and it changes my life every day!

Hermana Evans

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