Hermana Evans

Peru Lima North Mission

Week 13

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This week was one that I hope I remember for the rest of my life. It was definitely one of the most trying weeks we’ve had so far. There was never so much rejection, never so little progression, and at the same time it was one of our most successful weeks. We had meetings Tuesday and Friday morning, Lima Central Wednesday morning for marriage papers, and Migraciones (immigration) Thursday that lasted until 5:00 pm so my companion was in a different area casi todo el dia (almost all the day), and our weekly planning session on Saturday. We literally couldn’t get any work done in the mornings and could only teach starting at 3 or 4 pm every day. It was full of trials, like when Hermana Luis´s (her companion’s) mom showed up out of the blue with her little brother and we put on serious trunkies (homesickness). That was hard.

But I learned a lot this week about the atonement. My zone leaders reminded us of the scripture in D&C 122, that says that every bad thing that happens to us is for our good, but more importantly, that Christ descended below them all. Are we greater than Him? Behold, hold on thy way, and fear not what man can do for God will be with you forever.  This scripture really helped me, and gave me animo (excitement) to keep going, regardless of what what we meet along the way. Because before the people reject me, they are rejecting the Savior and he never gave up. When Christ visited the Americas, after he gave his discurso (speech/talk), he looked around the multitude and saw that they didn’t understand him. He is the perfect teacher, the perfect missionary, and people still didn’t understand. And what did he tell them? Go to your homes, mediate on the things that I have said, and then pray to God about these things. These are the exact things that we tell every person here on the mission. First, read the Book of Mormon, mediate on the things that in them are, and then ask God if they are true. This is true conversion, and it’s all personal. It was a great thing for me to learn and now we are working on improving our commitments and verification.

This week we fasted for a family that we are teaching because they are having lots of problems and are at the point of separation, and we’ve been trying to work with them to get married so they can get baptized. Just this week, she found out that she is pregnant! The Lord works in mysterious ways and it was truly amazing to see how this new baby is going to help their family get together again. It helped build my faith, and my invitation to you all is that if you need help with anything, fast. Its such a wonderful tool to receive special blessings from God and it is a serious faith builder.

Regardless of how many trials we saw this week, we saw much success. It was the first week in the mission that we reached 102 successful contacts and we taught 40 complete lessons (most of which were in their homes and not out on the street). Our mission commandment is that we contact 100 people and teach 32 lessons a week. We haven’t been too good the contact part, but we worked durisimo (very hard) this week, and at the end of all of it, we became better missionaries with a better understanding of the atonement and stronger disciples of Christ. We feel really good about this week and the mission is seriously the best! It’s hard, but we learn so much and I promise that there is no better joy than to see someone come to know more their Savior and his gospel.

That’s all this week!

Hermana Evans

1.  Juane- food from the Selva (jungle) :)))) Basically a type of amazing rice and chicken and vegetables wrapped in a platano leaf: I seriously don’t know how they make rice taste so amazing in so many different ways. I want to go to the selva so bad. I really think I might live there someday.

2.  When me and my comp escaped to Plaza Norte on Pday…

13 - Jungle Food 13 - Plaza Norte


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