Hermana Evans

Peru Lima North Mission

Week 14

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Not much happened to be honest, except that this week was a thousand times better than the week before! Me and my comp fasted to have more charity and pacience (patience) and it’s helped a lot and we are more united and have had a lot more animos (encouragement) to continue on.

Just letting you know that I`m safe and all is well physically and emotionally and I am going to miss my companion a lot this cambio (transfer) in March. We had an experience this week where we finished our daily planning session before bedtime and we both kind of looked at each other and felt like our area will be closed this cambio (transfer). Despite all the work we are doing and how we complete our goals, and despite how much we try to be completely obedient, we haven’t been having much success with progressing investigators from our propia cuenta (own account?). But don’t worry, we will still be working durazo (hard) because we don’t know if it will be closed or not.

My district leader is training a newbie and sometimes I try to talk in English with him and its just awful. I always wind up speaking in Spanish or I will pronounce things like a native speaker and I’m just like “what just happened?”
It’s loco.

Hermana Evans


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