Hermana Evans

Peru Lima North Mission

Week 15

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So this week was so great!!! Me and my comp have had some really good experiences this week when we have recognized the Lord´s hand in the work. There was this one experience where this week we were searching menos activos {less actives} in one part of our area. Our ward has 800 members on the list, but only about 200 attend every week. As we’ve been tracking them down we’ve discovered that most of them have moved or passed away. The saddest part is when we find people who say that they were baptized because it was cool at the time to do.To be baptized as a Mormon. This makes us so sad to see so many of God’s children make such sacred covenants and not understand at the moment of their baptism. Missionary work has changed a lot over the years and with the way we teach now, we are being so careful to baptize true converts,who meet all the requirements in D&C 20:37 and really show they are willing to serve the Lord until the end of their days. Then after their baptism, we work with them constantly to make sure they are continuing developing their testimony.

We had one experience this week as we were searching a menos activo {less active}. Also this week we have been searching old investigators to see the seeds that other missionaries have planted and to see what has become of those people.  Just this day we were searching {for} a menos activo {less active} and when we got to the house, we were talking to the hermana {sister}, and when she told us her name, we realized that she was an old investigator. I literally had her informe de progresso {progress report} in my hand. Her son was a member, but moved about 6 years ago. It was so cool to find her and talk to her husband, who the previous missionaries never met.  We´re excited to see her progression because sometimes we plant many seeds as missionaries, but the circumstances aren’t right for the seed to grow. Sometimes it takes struggles or a trial for someone to be humble enough or to have the desire to grow closer to God. We see this over and over in the Book of Mormon when sadly it takes a war or famine or pestilence for people to realize how much they need God in their life.  We see this over and over again in the mission and it’s so cool.

Read the Book of Mormon!  It was written for you and it will change your life! I just finished reading it in Spanish and how amazing it is!!

Hermana Evans

Wish my computer worked so I can send pictures bakanasos {no idea}!!! Be prepared next week! (I hope)


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