Hermana Evans

Peru Lima North Mission

Week 17

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These past couple of weeks have been crazy and super amazingly awesome. Times were rough in our area and our zone for a while due to some things, but me and my companion refocused ourselves to be absolutely completely obedient and with the new rule that we have to be in our rooms at 9 si or si {?}, things have improved drastically in our area.

For one, we finally had a real lesson with Erlita!!! The miracle family! She is the one that we fasted for so that she could stay with her husband and that her family will be ok, and then we found out she was pregnant. That was awesome, and then we kept just showing up at her work and share time with her. It has taken forever, but we have her trust now! When she got the lessons from Hermana Luis and Hermana Shroader (whom I replaced), after a lesson about the ley de castidad {law of chastity}, she and her husband disappeared for months. Then when I arrived she opened up a shop near the chapel so we pass by almost every day! She still is impossible to get a hold of, on account of so many things, but now that we´re friends (we’ve had so many opportunities for service) we can just show up and teach and it’s awesome.

But it has taken many miracles to get to this point. Sooo much pacience and diligence. We have fasted days for her, and every time we fast, we have some sort of progression with her. Like last week, after weeks of teaching small lessons in her shop, we were in a visita de trabajo {work visit} with our district leader, and we passed by and she was alone in her shop!! We taught our first real lesson in a long time, and our amazing district leader got her to committ to go to church. She was soo excited and we left the lesson crying from joy.

Then she didn’t go to church because she got really sick. Or that’s what she told us. (Lots of complicated things.. her husband didn’t want to talk to us and they made their daughter lie and say they weren’t home and stuff) But we showed up that night (1 de Marzo) and gave her a priesthood blessing {the district leaders were with her} for salud {health} and she was crying at the end of the blessing.. she felt the spirit so strong and oh man it was amazing.

Then we couldn’t find her again, until we fasted and had another milagro {miracle}! Wednesdays we do service in the mornings and this past Wednesday we didn’t have any service planned to do, so we felt to go search an old investigator that lives abajo {downtown?}… and nothing. We knew that she wouldn’t be there, but we went anyways. Then we felt to go see if we could find Erlita. She wasn’t there either, but as we were about to leave, we saw her coming up the road! If we were at her house at any other time we wouldn’t have found her and oh man we said many prayers of thanks! We did her laundry and talked and sang hymns and joked and scheduled for a lesson that afternoon when the miracle worker Elder Garcia could come (el va a subir este cambio a ser lider de zona, estoy muy segura) – {I’m sure he’s going to be a zone leader in this next transfer}.

This lesson was amazing, and her husband Willy was there and oh man we taught with the Spirit of God and reviewed so many things that Willy had forgotten. They committed to baptism and to matrimonio {marriage} at the end of the month!!!!!! And they attended church on Sunday for three hours and came with us to noche de hogars {Family Night?} and I love them so much and they are amazing and Willy will be one of the great teachers of the gospel and oh man I am so grateful to the Lord to have been able to see this in my area these past couple weeks. (along with many more miracles)

Just want to finish with my testimony of the Book of Mormon. I know that it is a true book. It’s such a simple thing, that God is our loving Heavenly Father, and that He wants to talk to us, his children. He wants us to be happy and for this, has given us our families so that we can have a support system to grow and have happiness in this life. He has give us a plan, the gospel of Jesus Christ, that we if we just follow it, we will return back to live with Him forever with our families. If we have faith in Him, repent of our sins, are baptized by someone holding the priesthood authority, receive the gift of the Holy Ghost, and endure to the end, we can have all these blessings of eternity.

He has always revealed this plan to his prophets, who have the authority to teach and to receive this instruction directly from God. And because God loves us so much, he has always permitted that these prophets can teach us, according to our willingness and faith. He has always called prophets, today as well as in ancient times, all over the world. The Book of Mormon is a grand show of the love of our Heavenly Father, that he called prophets for his children that lived in the Americas in ancient times. It is evidence that God loves his children so much that he called Joseph to restore the gospel, so that once again we can have the true principles of the gospel. Without the gospel we can’t live with our families for forever or live with God again.

I love reading the Book of Mormon because I feel God’s love. I feel closer to my Heavenly Father and my Savior. I have come to know my Savior more through this book than through any other, and can recognize His hand in all things. This Book can´t not be true, because there my life has been changed for a reason. This morning I didn’t wake up more closer to God. I have been so much closer to God through exercising my faith in reading the Book of Mormon and praying to know if it is true. The study of the scriptures has changed my life and I know that it will change the life of every person that reads it.

Thats all for now… chiao (is that how you spell it?)

Hermana Evans

1 – agents evans and luis… saving the world one baptism at a time
2 – we climbed a bigger hill
3 – my dysfunctional district… this photo has about 15 failed attempts before it
4 – our dear Fio that was baptized 14 de febrero

17 - Agents17 - Bigger Hill17 - My dysfunctional district 17 - Fio


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