Hermana Evans

Peru Lima North Mission

Week 18

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Ahh so we did have cambios {transfers} this week and my comp went to be a hermana lider {leader} in her old zone (crazy!) and I stayed here thankfully and got a new comp!!! Hermana Osinaga from Santa Cruz, Bolivia! She is number 19 of 20 hermanos {children} and is a convert to the church hace 3 years. She is so awesome and I can already tell that she will be one of my best friends, we just chill so well. She will die soon, so more than likely I will kill her. {Meaning she is at the end of her mission and Sydney will be her last companion.}  We both have an obsession with chocolate which is really really dangerous.

This week was really great. I feel really good about this cambio. Hna Osinaga is awesome and I have learned a lot from her already in how to teach people and not lessons. We found a lot of people this week who we are really excited for. Three of our nuevos {new ones} came to church this week and they are really good people. One of which said that she has been contacted by missionaries from all of the religions, but when we contacted her, she felt something different and for this she accepted a cita {appointment}. She is really receptive to the spirit, so we are excited to see her progression this next coming week!

This week was really hard with one of our families that we have, Willy y Erlita. We have been working so hard with them for months, and these past couple of weeks they have made some incredible progress, and accepted matrimonio {marriage} and baptism. But Satan has been working really hard on them too, and this week they passed through some really hard things. One day they literally didn’t have food to eat, and they don’t have work, and started to have really strong pareja {couple} problems and then her husband stopped participating in the lessons. Then they just disappeared for a couple days this week, where we couldn’t get a hold of them and when we did, she said that they were with her family lejos {extended}. She said they would attend church when we called them, but didn’t show up, and for the life of us we can’t get a hold of them or find them. We will do a fast this week for them again and pray a ton, because they are really awesome people and I have grown to love them so much. That’s all for now!

Hermana Evans

Mis mejores amigas {best friends}… Ghyanivon (nuestro converso de oro) {our golden convert} and Carolina (de barrio Buenos Aires)
Our relief society
Hermana Osinaga y yo

18 - Ghyanivon & Carolina18 - Our Relief Society 18 - Hermana Osinaga


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