Hermana Evans

Peru Lima North Mission

Week 19

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I can only upload pics from my USB right now cause the computer won’t accept my card so I can’t send pics from our amazing bolivian dinner we made and when my comp did my makeup all crazy like and when we ate food and other stuff.

It’s always hard trying to think of what happened this week. I love my area, president. I would be completely happy staying here for my whole mission. I have really come to love the members and the people we are visiting and teaching. I love working with Hermana Osinaga, and love how with her we contact a whole lot more on the streets. I am super animada (excited) to have more than 100 contacts this week and to have found the people we have found this week. We have found tons of new people that have so much potential, including an abuelita (granny) that accepted baptism! She was sick to the point where she couldn’t see this week, and still got up Sunday and went to church for three hours. She can’t read, but a jovencita (youth) in our ward volunteered to read the Book of Mormon to her once a week.

More than anything, I love the feeling coming home at the end of the day and not have any energy to go up the stairs to our room. I love working all day and there is not enough time in the day to we visit the people that we need to visit in the area. We need about 5 more hours in the day I think.

We saw a mini miracle with an investigator who came to church this week. He is the most duro (hardest) person I have met so far on the mission, and we have been working so hard with him. For weeks he just wanted to argue and wouldn’t listen (to) anything we said, but this week he showed up at church and stayed the full time. This is his third time going to the church and todavia (however) doesn’t want to accept an answer to his search for truth. He is scared to ask God. He always prays, but todavia (however) hasn’t asked God if it is true. He says he feels so good when he reads the Bible, but doesn’t feel anything with the Book of Mormon. But I know that once he prays and asks God he will find that it is all true. I’ve seen his heart be softened so much these past two weeks and I have a lot of faith in him that he will eventually get baptized.

I love this work and I love you all!!

Hermana Evans
who does the little boy remind you of? this was a wedding reception of a family that got baptized in the ward.19 - Wedding Reception


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