Hermana Evans

Peru Lima North Mission

Week 20

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Sooo many things I can talk about.

For one, how amazing was the womens conference? I especially loved something that one of the hermanas talked about.  (I don’t know who because the video part didn’t work for our session) but she talked about when we think about our mothers we should think about Christ, how the two are inseparable. I really want to be a mom like that, and I can’t believe how much the mission has been helping me be more prepared to have the role of a mother. I didn’t come on the mission to be a better wife and mother, but I’m sure excited to come home with a more personal relationship with my Savior and an unshaking faith in the gospel. Also President Eyring`s talk was amazing. Read it everyone.

This week was awesome. One of our menos (less) actives that we rescued has been on fire this week. She has been sharing the gospel with everyone that she has ever known. Every day this week she has been calling us to see if we can come visit one of her friends.  And Sunday night we walked around our area with her and in 30 minutes we had about 10 referencias (referrals). Whenever we feel like we don’t have anyone to teach, now we know to just call her and go for a walk around the neighborhood. It is so amazing to see how the life of someone changes when they become completely converted to the gospel. She has experienced some really terrible things in her life, but now can testify with all the energy of her heart how true the gospel is.

I don’t know what we are doing, but we must be doing something right because we have had so many blessings this week. I think of Mr. Bitter and all of the “good problems” that we have like right now we are scheduling citas (dates) for the next week because right now we have every hour booked until conference.

Also, Elder Godoy came and spoke to us and it was amazing.. until next week!

Hermana evans


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