Hermana Evans

Peru Lima North Mission

Week 21

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Ok so this week was also pretty great. We were hit with some disanimo (discouragement?) about the middle of the week for certain reasons but what I had learned with Hna Luis when we had some weeks of disanimo really helped me push through and work even harder. We ended the week passing almost every one of our goals. In our mission our president has asked us to contact 100 people with 50 hombres mayores (older men) and 20 families, and to teach 32 complete lessons. With my trainer we always had more than 32 lessons but with Hermana Osinaga I have learned how to contact, and it’s awesome! I have noticed a huge change in the people we have met and I have seen more miracles. Not just because we talk to more people and that we meet more people that are prepared, but because when we are completely obedient, the Lord blesses us!

This week when we were pretty discouraged and taking about how we just didn’t feel like contacting, almost mid sentence we both kind of headed for a man that was sweeping his porch, and when we introduced ourselves, he said “oh, my cunado (brother-in-law) wanted to enter your church…” and we were like, “what??” haha and then he said “can you come in and talk for a minute?” the words that every missionary prays to hear. We went in and sat down, and his wife came out and sat down and asked us if we were Mormons and then she asked “perdon, but can you possibly tell me about your church?” and then entered her hermano (the cunado of the man we contacted) and taught them all and sacamos cita (we got a date) for this week! They will all get baptized, we just felt that realy clearly when we taught them. It was so cool.

We had another experience with an hermano that we were teaching.. it was the first lesson with him. It was one of those lessons when he wouldn’t let us talk and he just rambled about how religion was just politics and has every reason he ever developed to support his reasoning and normally when we have these kinds of lessons, you just have to do your best to bring the spirit and testify and just try to have a bunch of patience and come back later if the spirit tells you to. There was a point the lesson when we both just thought, oh man how do we get out of here? haha but then at the end of the lesson while I was teaching the ending part of it, my comp began to talk to his daughter off to the side who had left during the lesson and returned with a book of mormon and principios of the gospel book (that we use in one of the sunday school classes in church).  I didn’t hear her conversation or see the books she brought, so I was really surprised when my comp asked to come back again sometime this week. but she told me after that his daughter and his other daughter wanted to get baptized about a year ago, and one day the missionaries just stopped coming (something that happens sometimes with cambios – transfers) and she said that her dad never opens to missionaries, just to us. and ever since the missionaries started coming her dad completely changed.  He doesn’t beat them anymore and has more patience and is at home more. So yeah they’ll get baptized too so that was pretty cool.

So many blessings of the Lord, the church is so true. I really hope I don’t leave my area, though I’m feeling like I might this change. Love you all.

Hermana Evans


Also… we must be preaching all wrong because apparently Christ already came!

21 - Osinaga21 - Christ Came21 - ?? 21 - ?


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