Hermana Evans

Peru Lima North Mission

Week 22

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Baptism of Rosalinda!!! She is amazing!!!! We met her exactly one month prior to her baptism!! She was just so ready! There were days where she was so sick to the point that she couldn’t even see and she still got up to go to church and stayed for 3 hours! She goes to church all on her own despite her severe medical problems and the fact that she can barely walk she still goes and oh man her story is amazing I wish I had time to write it…crazy morning this morning-

Just look at her face when she left the water!  Look how pure she is!  I love this point more than any point of baptism… cause they are just so clean and perfect in this moment!

Love you all write more next week –

hermana evans

1.  Rosalinda’s baptism
2.  Rosalinda’s baptism
3.  Chicharon with camote… so many pics with food cause its so gooooddd
4.  We were waiting for the door to open and this dog comes up and knocks on it! it was awesome. I don’t know how they trained their dog to knock but it made our day, sitting outside sympathizing with their dog “yeah, we know what it’s like, they don’t open for us either”

22 - Baptism of Rosalinda 222 - Baptism of Rosalinda22 - Chicharon w Camote22 - Dog Knocking


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