Hermana Evans

Peru Lima North Mission

Week 25

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So not much to say this week. We are working super hard to find new people. We had to stop teaching a lot of people because they just weren’t progressing and we are trying to find a lot of new people here. We had a reference from our bishop about a less active woman and her spouse.. no se como se dice en ingles… no son casados {they aren’t married}. We started teaching him and oh man talk about a hard heart but they went to church this week and we know that he already knows it’s true but just hasn’t admitted it yet to himself. He wants to feel what we feel, is what he says. That he can talk with the passion that we have when we bear our testimonies, but were trying to help him understand that faith starts small and with time and dedication to prayer, reading the scriptures, and going to church he can feel the same way too. We got their information and they committed to get married at the end of the month!!!!!! Pray so that his papers can get here in time. He’s from the selva {jungle} (oh yeah iquitos!!) and the last time the missionaries tried to get them married they didn’t ever come.

My comp is awesome and I love that there are trees here! Talk to you all later!

First time I saw grass in my mission!! San Felipe is awesome!! It has trees too!!!!

hna evans

25 - San Felipe Grass


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