Hermana Evans

Peru Lima North Mission

Week 26

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This week was kind of hard. Almost every one of our appointments this week fell through and only one of the people that said they were going to go to church actually went. Nevertheless, we are still working hard and trying to keep our animos high (stay encouraged) so that we can find lots of new people who will progress. Right now we are in the process of enlarging our banco de familias so we can find the people that are being prepared and focus on them.

I love the new emphasis on asking references to everyone we teach. We have seen a change when we do this, and have had a lot more references. We are in the process of finding them and teaching them now! A lot of them have a lot of potencial. The biggest struggle is finding them after the first visit.

But we have had some success with one of our investigators, Gerson Hildago. It´s taken the work of previous sisters, and lots of patience, but we have seen some awesome progress with him. Every time we see him he is a bit different and more converted. We will sacar la fecha (set a date) this week with him for sure!

hermana evans

I found vanilla coke! Now I just need a Rubios burrito….. 26 - Vanilla Coke


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