Hermana Evans

Peru Lima North Mission

One year later….

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So… this has not been the best kept blog that has been created. I know. You’re all wondering what happened me after I left my first area.

Should’ve followed my emails.

Well, the mission was amazing. I finished in May. Someday I will get around to posting the rest of my mission letters and then you can read to your heart’s content about how I broke my foot, served in family history, and baptized a genie.

But for now, I am studying at BYU right now and loving it. It’s good to be back. I am currently in a Book of Mormon class with my favorite professor ever, Brother Griffin. He has inspired me once again to open my mouth and help others understand just how wonderful and personal and joyful this gospel is.

Learning about the gospel is a lifelong process. If you have questions and aren’t sure about certain points of doctrine about the church and its teachings, let me be the first to tell you: IT’S OK.

I certainly don’t know and understand everything, which for me is more exciting than daunting. I love studying and learning more through the spirit.

The most significant part of the gospel to me is neither the perplexity of the content nor the vastness of the mysteries of God, but rather just how personal and simple it is on a day to day basis.

What I love as we start out the Book of Mormon, though it may be one of the most complex and deep books ever written, it starts out with just a simple family, much like ones most of us have been born into. This family is commanded to leave everything they have and to go into the wilderness to an unknown destination for an undetermined amount of time. Those with amazing faith would have been stoked at such an idea. I consider myself to have some good amount of faith. What goes through my head: God is good and he will help me get through this! This will be easy cause I know he wants me to do it! I can get into school I need to go to, I can get straight As, dating will be temptation free and so easy and fun. I’m supposed to get married right? Have an eternal family? Commanded to get a good education? Done!

If His purpose was to get Lehi’s family to the promised land, it would have been that easy. If God’s only purpose was to give me everything I could want/need, he totally could have. It would have been that easy.

There was no fully stocked caravan of camels waiting outside their doorstep. Zoram wasn’t told by an angel to meet them there with the brass plates. Ishmael didn’t get a dream to take his family out and to meet up with Lehi in the wilderness. There was not boat waiting for them. There was no feast nor comfortable living conditions.

So why do I expect my wildernesses and my journeys to be the same?

They worked and toiled and cried and many times did not know where they were going and when they would get there.There were sicknesses, trials, deaths, inter-familiar conflicts, anger, resentment, afflictions for them in the wilderness. God didn’t make it easy for them. God wouldn’t be a loving Heavenly Father if there weren’t some setbacks.

But if it were his purpose for us to become something, it would have looked a little more like that.

I know what the wilderness is like. I have been through many on my own. I’m going through some now. Earth life itself is a wilderness we are commanded to go through. It will not be free of trials and bumps in the road. But that’s OK. I am much more concerned about who I am becoming than exactly how I get there. It is so good to be so grateful for the journeys we are put through because it shows that God loves us so much to allow us to rely on Him and draw close to Him.




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