Hermana Evans

Peru Lima North Mission

Tender Nudgings

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This week was full of little teachings about the atonement. I have had a huge desire to serve others this past week and was guided through the spirit to specific people I was meant to serve this week. One of those things was work and extra shift at the temple. I had a lot of study time and I read a passage in Mosiah that sincerely touched me. It is found in Mosiah 27:28-29. Alma is telling his story about what he experienced those several days he was unconscious and suffering the pains of hell. His experience resonated with me because I have also felt may of the things he felt, “wading through much tribulation”, “gall of bitterness”, and being in the “bonds of iniquity”. What I loved about this scripture is that he works and prays and tries to repent, even “nigh unto death”. What finally relives him from his pain was the Lord’s mercy. It wasn’t even Alma that got himself out of that state. We cannot do enough to even repent fully of our sins. It is only through the grace and merits of Jesus Christ that we can hope to repent and be lifted from our sinners state. It made me extremely grateful for the atonement and it made me realize that I really can’t do anything with out him. And only through him I can do anything. I thought of my own past experiences and realized that it is true. I suffered through much pain, but was delivered through Christ’s ability to allow forgiveness and healing through his atonement.


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