Hermana Evans

Peru Lima North Mission

What shall I do?

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Sometimes in our efforts to become closer to God and to know him better, we get a little confused. We get things wrong. It’s a completely normal thing. We are still figuring things out, as human beings. We’re not perfect yet and sometimes it takes us a bit to know what works and what doesn’t. Much like King Lamoni’s father, getting to know God, to receive the joy that comes from the gospel takes a sacrifice of ourselves and our desires. Sometimes we may make an offering of very external things. I’ll give up my tv shows, or I’ll pay extra tithing or fast offerings, etc. What the Lord requires sometimes is a little deeper. It has to cost something. Like King Lamoni’s father says in Alma 22, “I will give away all my sins to know thee.” This is the kind of sacrifice that takes a little bit more of ourselves. This is more eternal and personal.

For me, this is something that is a little harder and I’m not as willing to do, natural (wo)man that I am. But the times I do, I realize that my life is so much better and that I can feel much closer to my Heavenly Father than before.


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