Hermana Evans

Peru Lima North Mission

The True Source of Joy

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In my Book of Mormon class we have been talking a lot about the different antichrists that we find in the Book of Mormon. There’s Nehor, Sherem, and Korihor, just to name a few. An antichrist is someone that replaces the need for Christ, or denies his importance or existence. When we take Christ out the equation, we loose so much.  We lose redemption, joy, salvation, agency, just to name a few.

Contrasting that with the beautiful and praising passages from Alma 36, it’s hard to believe that someone would ever want to replace Christ or not have him a part of their lives. Alma 36 particularly resonates with me because I find myself often times in dark times of suffering as did Alma.

When Alma raises his voice and cries out to the Savior to be delivered from his pain, then and only then, did he receive joy and light as powerful and deep as was the pain he felt before. Anything we receive from Satan as a replacement of that will never fill the uttermost pains that we suffer here in mortality, whether it be consequences of our own actions and sin, or just part of life itself.

I know that my Savior provides true joy and true wholeness. We can be completely clean and free of whatever beset and tied us before. I know this because I have lived this. This chapter in Alma brings me so much peace because it is such a  beautiful pattern on how to feel God’s love when we feel like we have done so much wrong.


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